Art opening celebrating 50 years...


Live with Art Opening
The Attic Gallery
Saturday, October 2
6 PM
For our 50th anniversary of being downtown we have asked 50 artists to provide one piece each to hang upstairs. Come see these new works and more as we celebrate together...
Featured artists:
Pat Abernathy
Daryl Anderson
Rick Anderson
David Baum
Sam Beibers
Lane Berg
Jean Blue
Dr. Bob
Conner Burns
Anne Campbell
Rob Cooper
Tony Davenport
Tony DiFatta
DaNeal Eberly
Wendy Eddleman
Paul Fayard
Martha Ferris
Kat Fitzpatrick
Elayne Goodman
Denise Greenwood
Mary Hardy
Stacey Johnson Hardy
Kennith Humphrey
Lucy Hunnicutt
Sue Jensen
Mamie Joe
Randy Jolly
Pat Juneau
Suzanne Juneau
Ginger Kelly
Ron Koehler
David Lambert
Ellen Langford
Jason Leasor
Ron Lindsey
Keith Matthews
Vanda McCormick
George Ann McCullough
Patt Odom
Becky Pate
Susie Ranager
Dale Rayburn
Holly Roberts
Lesley Silver
Earl Simmons
James Smithhart
Jamie Tate
Kreg Yingst
Andy Young
Some we have known for decades, and some are "new," but their art helps define the Attic Gallery, and should be seen. And lived with. 
Our thanks to the City of Vicksburg for their sponsorship of our 50th Anniversary celebration.


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