50 Years/50 Artists

In celebration of the Attic Gallery's 50 years in downtown Vicksburg, we have asked 50 artists to provide one piece each to hang in our Anniversary show. We are posting the show here so you can take your time to study the work, but we hope you will come to the Attic Gallery to see this extraordinary collection hanging on our walls. In keeping with the celebratory nature of this show, we are posting remarks from some of the artists about Lesley and this milestone. If you would like more information or are interested in purchasing a piece, call us at 601 638 9221.


Ron Lindsey
Mexican Dog and Coleus
16" x 20" 
$675  *SOLD*


Pat Abernathy 

Spring Garden

24" x 24"
$650 *SOLD*
Anthony Difatta
24" x 24"


 Kat Fitzpatrick
Talking About Family
Encaustic on birch
24" x 24" 
$650 *SOLD*

Mary Hardy

Surrounded by Wings

 23" x 28"



Lesley Silver
Unbounded Promise
Collage on board
8 1/2" x 10"


 David Lambert

Nipple Glitter on Bourbon Street

5 1/4" x 12 1/2"

$700 *SOLD*


Ron Koehler

Brush Block Grid #15

16 1/2 " x 17"


"This image is a combination of a drawing one of my daughters did and a hummingbird I found in our backyard.  I imagined the hummingbird drawing himself back to life."

Holly Roberts

Two Birds *SOLD*

"This image is a combination of a drawing one of my daughters did and a hummingbird I found in our backyard.  I imagined the hummingbird drawing himself back to life."

Digital print mounted on panel
10” x 8” 




George Ann McCullough
 New Horizons
oil on paper
16" x 19"

Vanda McCormick
Tie Dye and Billies
Mixed Media
Framed size: 22" x 30"
Sue Jensen
Clay and wood
18" x 8" x 6"
$245  *SOLD*
Jamie Tate
We Are Golden
 Acrylic on panel
12" x 12"

Becky Pate
Is It Safe
16" x 20"
Anne Campbell
A Clockwork Orange Roughy
Wood and collage
25" x 9" x 3"

 Dr. Bob
25" x 10" x 6"
Stacey Johnson Hardy
18" x 7" x 3"
$250 *SOLD*

Lucy Hunnicutt
Painting on wood panel
30" x 30"

Daryl Anderson
Old Flame
Framed size 24" x 30"

David Baum
24" x 24"

DaNeal Eberly
In the Hallway
30" x 30"

Tony Davenport
36" x 48"
I am convinced that this place may be one of the few places in town you may frequent, but see something new each time you go. For fifty years, the Attic Gallery has been a pillar for promoting the visual arts in the city of Vicksburg. I joined the gallery in 2003 and have participated in many theme shows over the years. I have had the honor of this gallery introducing my brand of art work to art patrons both near and far. In addition, since showing here, it has been a privilege to be in the company of the many great artists represented here both locally and nationally. I consider Lesley a champion of the arts. Over time she has provided many artists a platform for promoting their art while also advocating for those who create here and beyond the river city.

Andy Young
28" x 41"
$1400 *SOLD*
Finding the Attic Gallery was easy because my friend Emily Chaney was taking me there.  It was a Saturday and here we go through the gift shop next to the jewelry store and up the narrow steep staircase.  I do not believe one is ever prepared for the confluence of art and substance that is the Attic Gallery.  Emily introduced me to Lesley that afternoon.  Lesley and I have been compatriots in the land of artists ever since.  

Lesley sells art.  I have admitted to anyone listening that Lesley is the only gallery director that can consistently sell my artwork.  Selling is an artform and Lesley is a master of this unique skill.

Even now as I am conjuring up an idea to make in stained glass  for the 50th anniversary Lesley is prodding me with her determination and memory.  I am not the only one.  Artists of every stripe and condition have come under her wing.  I am very grateful to have been and remain a member of her flock.  Thank you, Lesley, for a lifetime of giving.  

 ~  Andy Young   

Ellen Langford
18" x 36"

Rick Anderson

Gin, Hammett Rd., Greenville, MS

20” x 20”


H. C. Porter

Monique with Basketball

12" x 12"


Wendy Eddleman


Stained Glass

9 3/4" diameter

$270 *SOLD*

Rob Cooper

Moonlit Swamp Thing

Stained Glass

8 1/2" diameter

$270 *SOLD*

Paul Fayard

Shade Tree Mechanic

Oil on canvas

12" x 6"

$195 *SOLD*

Lane Berg

Not Alone Here

Paint on wood

10" x 10"


Denise Greenwood Loveless


9 1/2" x 4" x5"

$185 *SOLD*


Painting on wood

24" x 24"


Ginger Kelly


Glass Mosaic

18" x 27"



Kreg Yingst

Little Brother Montgomery

2 color block print

10" x 10"

$195 *SOLD*

read more about Kreg and this piece


Elayne Goodman
A Black & White Piece

$95 *SOLD*

I love color, but every now and then, I do a black and white piece. It was originally a clock case acquired at a yard sale. I removed the “works” and painted it black. I collaged it inside and out with black and white clip art. The figure was from a vintage music box. She is dancing on bubbles - actually marbles. The “trees” came from a model railroad setup. I think they are lead. I like to make things that can take a viewer some time to see everything in it. - When I first visited the Attic, I went up the creaking stairs that were never intended for the public to use - into the real Attic. I wanted to shout, “Hallelujah!” The galleries I had visited before made me want to whisper and tiptoe. This was an astonishing place that begged to be explored. Whatever you expected to find, there was ten times more...

Keith Matthews
22" x 22" x 4"
Not for Sale
(Thanks Keith)

Photos and 3D assemblage

(more details below)

Keith has created a fully functional Attic Gallery under glass complete with a tiny Lesley and Daniel surrounded by lots of stuff. It's perfect for folks who are three inches tall. The details are spooky, and, just like the big one, you will see something new every time you wander through this one... 

Martha Ferris
Chicken on a Bicycle
12" x 12"
acrylic on board
This chicken is a Columbian Wyandotte named Pessoa after the great Portuguese writer. She is one of a flock of six beautiful hens lovingly tended by two wonderful writers who happen to live with my husband, another wonderful writer, and me. Thus her literary name. We are never short of eggs, thanks to these lovely ladies, or of words, thanks to my housemates. Pessoa, or Pessy as we now call her, is a prolific layer. She is also a loner who lets you pick her up for caresses and prefers this bicycle to any other perch outside her coop.
Jean Blue
Small Beginnings
framed: 21" x 27"
$545 *SOLD*

Susie Ranager

24" x 48"
$1000 *SOLD*

James Smithhart
Get to the Point
framed: 15 1/2" x 18"

Sam Beibers
Red, White, and Moo
framed: 20" x 26"
Dale Rayburn
$750 *SOLD*
Mamie Joe
8" x 8" 

Randy Jolly 

Barking Dog

Matted: 16" x 19"

$125 *SOLD*

 Jason Leasor

Zebrawood & Cherry Tray

18" x 9 1/2" x 3"



Kennith Humphrey

Joyful Noise

24" x 30"


Suzanne Juneau


$120 / $180 / $120

Patt Odom


framed: 19" x 25"

Earl Simmons


Painted wood

16" x 20"


 Conner Burns

Three Sisters




Pat Juneau


Painted Metal

12" x 24"


Helene Fielder

Clay Sculpture

18" x 15" x 3"


If you would like more information or are interested in purchasing a piece, call us at 601 638 9221


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