Our 50th year is on!

 It’s Here: 50 Years!
The Attic Gallery. A place. A story. A life.
In October, 1971 Lesley Silver cleared out a space in her husband’s gift shop attic in downtown Vicksburg, and hung up a couple dozen original prints she had gotten as the result of a California trip. The Attic Gallery was born; and now, hundreds of artists and thousands of artworks later, it is time to celebrate the journey that has lasted 50 years (so far).
In early October we hope to gather for a big party and art show, but until then we are planning a series of celebratory events, both here and online, where we will spotlight some of the many artists we have worked with over the years. We are asking them to create new work, and from time to time we will feature an original piece in a virtual Anniversary Gallery along with a look at the artist and their relationship with the Attic. They will be presented more or less in the order they started working with the gallery. In this way we will tell the story of the Attic while doing what we love to do: putting forward art and artists. Also, look for events here in the Attic featuring informal talks by gallery artists. And more...

Watch this space for memories, and art from our artists...

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