Reaching Out: Virtual Art Show from the Attic Gallery

The Attic Gallery's first virtual art show features a number of our artists from near and far coming together to share their work...

Reaching Out

we may be alone, but we can reach out...

Enjoy the show. 
If you are interested in purchasing or have questions you need answering: call Lesley at 
601 638 9221 or 601 638 3967
or you can text this one 601 529 7994

 DaNeal Eberly
Lightning Bug
Collage and paint on canvas

 Jean Blue
I Need a Hug

Exiled and isolated we wrap ourselves in ourselves, aching to stand close again, to touch, to hug, wondering if such gestures will be scarce like so many other diminishing commodities...
9 1/2" x 12"

Jamie Tate 
Paint Me a Picture, I'll Sing You a Song 
12" x 12" 

Jamie Tate 
Fly Away Home 
8" x 8" 

Jamie Tate 
Cross My Heart 
30" x 30" 

Jamie Tate
Eve of Destruction 

While I attempt to surround myself with light and good and belief in a better day, I also feel that the 
response I see from many could in fact point us to even darker days ahead. 

I will hold onto hope anyway. 

Acrylic on panel 
14" x 18" 

Jamie Tate
One Crow 
From the poem-  
One crow for sorrow /  Two for mirth / Three for a wedding / Four for a birth 
Acrylic mixed media on paper
8 x 10

  Ron Lindsey
Unpainted Dog
I frequently reach out to Mexico for inspiration. That’s where I got this wooden Oaxacan dog. He also reminds me of past travels and present friends...
 18" x 18"

Darryl Anderson
 Fell in love with her rolling Hills 
Vicksburg, MS

18" x 20"


Paul Fayard
Reaching Out for the Top
 oil on canvas, 

12" x12" 


"This little house sits directly across the street from Vicksburg Animal Hospital. It was painted on location with my friends and fellow painters Ron Lindsey and Sam Beibers standing nearby. 

It reminds me of how interconnected we all are even though at times it may appear and even feel like we are standing alone. It makes me feel thankful for friends and memories." 

Pat Abernathy 
Socially Distant but Still Social
10" x 10" cradle board. 

Pat Abernathy 
Social Distancing but Communicating
acrylic on paper 
11" x 11"

Rick Anderson
To take a positive approach to our current circumstances, this diptych was created to a brighter outlook to our future.
Each panel is 24"x24"
Mixed Media on Gallery-Wrap canvas. 
As a diptych, 24"x48" , $2000, or separately, $1100 each. 

Lucy Hunnicutt 
"I am a stranger to no one and no one is a stranger to me..." 
Guru Grantha Sahib

11" x 15" 

carved wood figure inset 

acrylic and collage 


Pat Hankins
Our Lady of Mysterious Waters
She is hand built, raku fired with mixed media additions, 
15” tall. $100. 

I feel as though we are on mysterious waters right now not knowing what will happen to our future but Our Lady has a Compass Rose to help us navigate and a boat to sail upon those waters. 

Lynthia Edwards
Even though her soul is weary, she somehow found the strength for her children.

12" × 16"

 Becky Pate

My kitty, Wink, is content knowing I will take care of her, and I am content knowing God will take care of me... 

Oil on canvas 
9" x 12" 

Lesley Silver 
CV Totem 
The totem protects and reaches out to all of us to pay attention to our surroundings and to take care of our environment... 

Paint and Collage on wood... 
5 1/2" x 13 1/2"

Lesley Silver
Something has disrupted our lives, and it is up to us to make change positive. I am reaching out to the world with hope to find other hands reaching...
Collage and paint on wood
5" x 18"
Susie Ranager
Life Goes on: Blooms, Babes, and Birds

24" x 24"
Mixed Media Eco Print on panel
Patt Odom
Distance of Family

18" x 24"
 Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
Patt Odom
World in Chaos

20" x 24"
Patt Odom

16" x 32"
Patt Odom
Homeless and Alone

24" x 30"
Holly Roberts
Two Birds

10”x8” Digital print mounted on panel $400

This image is a combination of a drawing one of my daughters did and a hummingbird I found in our
backyard. I imagined the hummingbird drawing himself back to life.

DaNeal Eberly
Unable to Drown it Out

The steps of grief and aloneness.
Collage and acrylic on canvas
George Ann McCullough:
“SIP” (Shelter in Place)
Shelter in Place is not so much isolation, as it is separation.   
 M/M on Gallery Wrap Canvas, 12” x 24”

Anne Campbell
Rolling Rover

Anne Campbell
Blockhead America
20" x 28"
Vanda McCormick
Amidst Turmoil
Amidst Turmoil speaks as a representation of swirling emotions amidst this Covid19
24" X 30"
Collage and Mixed Media 

Vanda McCormick
When Life Gives You Lemons....Dance

When Life gives you lemons in this time of Covid19, you have to dance and carry on, hoping that all the loves of your life (Husband, Son, Grandchildren, family, friends, etc) are safe and healthy. 
16" X 20" 
Collage and Mixed Media

Vanda McCormick
Dance Because It Feels Good
Collage and Mixed Media
16 X 20

Kreg Yingst:
Cotton Fields (Back Home). 
The image lodged in my brain a couple of years ago when traveling south
through the Delta out of Memphis. A few changes were made in going from head to paper, but the general idea stayed intact. My creative act can often be fueled by environment and travel, among other things. It most certainly was here!  

Hand pulled block print off of two carved blocks.
 18”x12” in black mat 

Martha Ferris
The Living Room
"This is a bird’s eye view of our living room which is usually frequented by a steady
stream of family and friends. No guests these days, and we are missing everyone terribly, though we are ever aware of and grateful for all that we have in our isolation."

Acrylic on board,
11" x 14" — in Garrison, New York.

Lesley Silver
Encaustic and collage
6" x 7"

Kat Fitzpatrick 
John Prine Bird
 Love in the time of Covid 

 "There's an old expression about not being able to tell shit from Shinola. That expresses my experience of making art in these uncertain times. Gold or lead? Don't know. I stopped painting for awhile, then decided it wasn't up to me to judge... just to make and trust. 
Encaustic on birch 
24" x 24" 

 Joseph Holbrooks
My Life in Pajamas

14" x 7 1/2"*SOLD*
My introverted side is thriving. My extraverted side wants to break free. Either way, I recognize myself (in pajamas).

 Sam Beibers
Pool Babe

Gouache on matboard
10” x 8”
 Sam Beibers
Tiger Moth

10” x 8”

Sam Beibers is spending Covid19 quarantine at his home in Clinton, MS. The quarantine has afforded him time to get quite a few watercolors and illustrations done.

“This spring I have had the opportunity to enjoy the nice weather, play guitar, read on the front porch, and breathe in the aromas of honeysuckle and flowering hedges. Also, I’ve noticed more critters and flowers than usual, due to this time at home.” 

Suddenly we live on tiny islands from which we venture off with trepidation when we need food, a prescription filled
Ellen Langford
A Dancing Fiddler
24" x 24"
Gallery Wrapped Canvas
My wish for us, as we take stock of this new uncertainty is that our islands of isolation become havens of personal growth, and not incubators of anxiety or judgement, or hate...  
Hope you enjoyed the show. If you are interested in purchasing or have questions you need answering: call Lesley at 
601 638 9221 or 601 638 3967 or 
you can call or text this one: 601 529 7994
We can ship to you... 
Reach out to us

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