From these hills...a theme show

The Attic Gallery


From these hills...a theme show

We like to start each year with a theme show. We asked our artists to think about hills. Join us in our loft in downtown Vicksburg to see the results:

 paintings, photography, fabrics, sculpture, collage...

Hill of King - by Paul Fayard

New work by

Keith Alford
Suzy Altman
Lane Berg
Jean Blue
Anne Campbell
Tony Davenport
Tony Difatta
Paul Fayard
Martha Ferris
Kathy Gergo
Elayne Goodman
Mary Hardy
Cat Hegman
Kennith Humphrey
Will Jacks
Randy Jolly
Ellen Langford
Ron Lindsey
Keith Matthews
Georgeann McCullough
Patt Odom
Poor Julia
Lesley Silver
Earl Simmons
James Smithhart
Jamie Tate
Wyatt Waters
Patt Odom

7 PM to 9 PM

Friday, March 15

the Attic Gallery

1101 Washington Street

downtown Vicksburg 

601 638 9221
Jammie Tate - Dreamcatcher
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