40 Years Celebration - Friday, Oct 14 - 7 to 9 PM

(Kennith Humphrey's Unemployment Line 6 is number 6)

Join us Friday, October 14 from 7 to 9 PM to celebrate 40 years of the Attic Gallery in downtown Vicksburg. We will be hanging a show of forty pieces of art created for the occasion by forty artist who have a history with the Attic. Each was given a number from one to forty as a starting point. There will be paintings, photography, collage, glass, metalwork, wood, and more.

David Lambert's
(David Lambert's Hit Me is number fifteen)

The show also celebrates the Attic's standing as Mississippi's most enduring gallery.

(Cathy Hegman's Alice's Eleven is number eleven)

The event will be hosted on the third floor of the Attic Gallery building at 1101 Washington Street in downtown Vicksburg. For the past two years Lesley and Daniel (owners of the Attic) labored to convert the third floor space into a residence. This show will be the first time they have opened their new home to the public since they moved in at the beginning of this past summer.

(Jean Blue's painting is number seven)

"During our design process, it was always a priority to make the space friendly not only for us to live in, but to host art openings like this one," Lesley said. "For us it wouldn't be a good home unless it was a place to share art."

(Ron Lindsey's One Day on the Corner of Oak and Bowmar is number one)

(Carol & Fletcher Cox's Wing Spreaders is number 38)

Participating artists are:
1 Ron Lindsey
2 Poor Julia
3 Earl Simmons
4 Martha Ferris
5 Ellen Langford
6 Kennith Humphrey
7 Jean Blue
8 Patt Odom
9 Kathy Gergo
10 Jamie Tate
11 Cathy Hegman
12 Vidal Blankenstein
13 Euphus Ruth
14 Ron Koehler
15 David Lambert
16 Mary Hardy
17 Vicki Nicolette
18 Keith Alford
19 Lane Berg
20 Suzi Altman
21 Tony Difatta
22 Susie Ranager
23 Pat Brown
24 Anne Campbell
25 Rhonda Blasingame
26 Wendy Edelman
27 Dale Rayburn
28 James Smithhart
29 Deanna Douglas
30 Will Jacks
31 Rob Cooper
32 Mamie Joe
33 Elayne Goodman
34 Georgeanne McCullough
35 Randy Jolly
36 Daniel Boone
37 Alex Boerner and Deborah Silver
38 Carol & Fletcher Cox
39 Andy Young
40 Lesley Silver

(Rob Cooper's glass panel Halloween Love is number thirty one)

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