Attic Gallery theme show is coming to Jackson's Pearl River Glass Studio

Street Sidewalk Stoop by Paul Fayard
Painting by Jamie Tate
Kennith Hunphrey's My Path
Vicksburg’s Attic Gallery has a theme show every year, but this time there is a difference: the show will be in Jackson. On Thursday, March 25 Streets/Roads/Paths will open at Pearl River Glass Studio at 142 Millsaps Avenue in Jackson.

For the last couple of decades Vicksburg’s Attic Gallery has asked a number of their artists to participate in a theme show. “We give them a starting point, a subject, and they always surprise us with what they do with it, explained Lesley Silver, owner of the Attic since its inception in 1971. “In the past some of the themes have included: Cats, Doors, Houses, Elvis, etc. The concept of Streets/Roads/Paths seemed to fit now for several reasons.”

Taking the show on the road was inspired by the current state of the downtown Vicksburg gallery. “It’s a construction site now. We are in the process of converting our third floor into an apartment for my husband and me to live in. We have had shows up there during the remodeling, but it’s at a stage where that was not a good option. We have talked for years about doing something in Jackson and this seemed like the perfect time.”

“When I thought about spaces, Andy Young and the Pearl River Glass Studio came into my head. We have many parallels with Andy. Our galleries both began in the 1970's, and when we had shows back then, Andy and his people were always part of what we did. We commiserated, we struggled, we worried and we talked ---now over 30 years later we are still talking. It just feels right to return to the place that had such a warm place in our early days. Representing the Pearl River Glass Studio, Andy, along with Tom Crouch, will be contributing work to the show.”

“Bringing our artists and our style to Jackson will be an adventure. There will be paintings and photos, sculptures, and more by over 27 artists several of whom are having their Jackson debut.” Among those: Georgia artists Dale Rayburn and Mamie Joe are Mississippi natives who have shown their etchings, paintings, and monotypes at the Attic Gallery for more than 35 years; Elayne Goodman lives in Columbus, Mississippi and is known for her colorful constructions made from found objects.

Because of space limitations the artists have been asked to keep their work no larger than 16” x 20.”

Streets/Roads/Paths will open on Thursday, March 25 from 5pm-8pm at Pearl River Glass Studio at 142 Millsaps Avenue. The show will hang for 4 weeks. For more information call The Attic Gallery 601 638 9221 or PRGS at 601-353-2497. See for images from the show.

Among participating artists are: Lane Berg, Jean Blue, Rob Cooper, Tom Crouch, Wendy
Eddleman, Paul Fayard, Martha Ferris, Kathy Gergo, Elayne Goodman, Mary Hardy, Teresa Haygood, Kennith Humphrey, Will Jacks, Mamie Joe, John Kelly, Ellen Langford, Ron Lindsey, George Ann McCullough, Byron Myrick, Patt Odom, Jimmy Pitts, H. C. Porter, Susie Ranager, Dale Rayburn, Earl Simmons, James Smithhart, Jamie Tate, Bebe Wolfe, and Andy Young.

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