Icons Theme Show Opening

Join us Friday, February 27 from 7 PM to 9 PM for the opening of our annual theme show.

This year the theme is Icons and over 50 artists will be creating work in all mediums inspired and informed by Icons.

Artists participating include:

Lee H. Abraham
Julia Allen
Sam Beibers
Lane Berg
Phyllis Blake
Vidal Blankenstein
Rhonda Blasingame
Jean Blue
Dr. Bob
Mike Box
Pat Brown
Anne Campbell
Hannah Cohen
Rob Cooper
Pati D'Amico
Tony Davenport
Tony DiFatta
Wendy Eddleman
Paul Fayard
Lori Felix

Martha Ferris
Kat Fitzpatrick
Hobbs Freeman
Kathy Gergo
Jerrie Glasper
Elayne Goodman
Sandra Halat
Pat Hankins
Mary Hardy
Theresa Haygood
Leslie Horton
Kennith Humphrey
Will Jacks
Keith Karlson
Ron Koehler
David Lambert
Ellen Langford
Vicky Lever Niolet
Ron Lindsey
George Ann McCullough
Nancy Mitchell
Leah Norris
Patt Odom
JE Pitts
Casey Porter
Rebekah Potter
Susie Ranager
Dale Rayburn
Euphus Ruth
Lesley Silver
Lois Simbach
Earl Simmons
Amy Smith
James Smithhart
Jamie Tate
William Warren
Ceci Whitehurst
Laura Wilson
Andy Young

And if you are looking for dinner before the opening...
Chris and Sally are opening Main Street Market that night and serving a gourmet meal to about 35 to 40 lucky people. Call 601 634 8088 to reserve your table and remember it is BYOB.

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