Attic Opening: Footprints & Shadows

Join us Friday, November 21 as

The Attic Gallery
Footprints & Shadows

New paintings by:
• Keith Alford
• Vidal Blankenstein
• Lesley Silver
• James Smithhart
• Jamie Tate

jewelry by
• Betsy Liles

airplanes by
• David Lambert

and clay by
• Ky Johnston
• Matt Steadman

(plus new folk art from the Kentuck

Friday November 21
7 PM - 9 PM

As we walk through the world we all leave footprints and cast shadows. Artists leave theirs in their paintings, clay,
jewlery, sculpture, etc...
Come meet the artists
See more at or call 601 638 9221
Dinner & an Art Opening?
Our friends Sally & Chris of
Main Street Market
are opening that Friday night (Nov. 21) just so you can enjoy a wonderful dinner before the opening.

Call 601 634 8088 to reserve your table. (Reservations are a must)

They are only five blocks away at the corner of Main and Cherry Streets. (...and it's B.Y.O.B.)

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