The Weather The Weather (Our Annual Theme Show)

Attic Gallery Theme Show: The Weather, The Weather

Opening Friday, February 29

from 7 PM until 9 PM

Painting by Ellen Langford

On Friday, February 29 the Attic Gallery will open their annual theme show featuring the work of more than forty artists from across the South including New Orleans, Birmingham, and all over Mississippi. The theme this year is "Weather."

Watercolor by Paul Fayard

"Every year we pick a word or idea from somewhere, and let all our artist friends know. Somehow, since it's February, the weather seemed to be on our minds, so we decided to make it our theme. Giving the artists a theme seems to jump start the creative process for them here at the beginning of the year," explained Lesley Silver, owner of the Attic Gallery located in downtown Vicksburg for over 35 years.

Clay Sculpture by Con Christeson

"We've been doing these for over 20 years. Themes from past years include: cats, doors, coffee cups, hands, masks, signs, and the kitchen."
"Many of the participating artists turn out to see what everyone else has done. Some interpret the theme in a straightforward way, but there are always some whose work causes people to hesitate and scratch their heads over how the piece relates to the theme. That's part of the fun of it."

Painting by Ron Lindsey

There will be paintings, sculpture, photography, pottery, and more.

Painting by Nancy Mitchell

"Our coffeehouse will be open downstairs that night, so it should be a fun evening to be on the corner of Grove and Washington Streets."

The opening reception will be Friday, February 29 from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Attic Gallery at 1101 Washington Street in downtown Vicksburg. The public is invited. For more information call 601 638 9221 or see our web site: The show will continue through March.

Painting by Ceci Smith

Among participating artists will be:
Janet Akers
Keith Alford
Julia Allen
Duncan Baird
Elizabeth Barenis
Sam Beibers
Jean Blue
Mike Box
Pat Brown
Con Christeson
Susan Clark
Hannah Cohen
Fletcher Cox
Charles Crossley
Paul Fayard
Lori Felix
Martha Ferris
Max Ford
Pat Fowler
Kathy Gergo
Amy Glisan
Elayne Goodman
Pete Halverson
Mary Hardy
Teresa Haygood
Kennith Humphrey
Ky Johnston
Ellen Langford
Ron Lindsey
Ross Lunz
Nancy Mitchell
Byron Myrick
Patt Odom
Jennifer Owen
Neil & Stephen Pillow
HC Porter
W Earl Robinson
Euphus Ruth
Lesley Silver
Earl Simmons
Ceci Smith
James Smithhart
Jamie Tate
Felandus Thames
Marianne Wynn

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