36 Years brings Intersecting Visions...Anniversary Show Opens

Byron Myrick Clay
Byron Myrick's Clay Vessels

Jamie Tate Painting
Jamie Tate's Painting, Smoke & Mirrors

Margaret Barber Teapot
Margaret Barber's Teapot

Jean Blue Painting
Jean Blue Painting

Melody Golding - Photography
Photograph by Melody Golding

Kennith Humphrey Painting
Kennith Humphrey painting

Will Jacks Photograph
Photograph by Will Jacks

Join us as the Attic celebrates our 36th year bringing art to downtown Vicksburg and beyond.

Our Anniversary Show is called Intersecting Visions, and features the remarkable visions of 7 artists:

Margaret Barber - Clay
Jean Blue - Paintings
Melody Golding - Photography
Kennith Humphrey - Paintings
Will Jacks - Photography
Byron Myrick - Clay
Jamie Tate - Paintings

Friday, October 12
7 to 9 PM

Since opening in 1971 the Attic Gallery has shared the visions of hundreds of artists. To celebrate our latest milestone we are bringing together 7 creative friends both old and new. Vicksburg local, Jean Blue has been on our staff for nearly 20 years, and has been a favorite featured artist for at least 30. Her paintings are always waited for and sought after. Lesley thinks, "Jean is using stronger colors and underpainting techniques which make this work pop. They are full of symbols. This group includes both landscapes and paintings of Jean's inner landscape."

Also from Vicksburg, prolific painter, Kennith Humphrey has been our best selling artist since we moved into our "new" building over 10 years ago. "Kennith is as always fearless with colors. He stretches the imagination with his distortion of figures and seems to make surprising discoveries as he paints."

One more local artist, Melody Golding, is one of the latest to hang her work here. She is a painter and photographer who has recently completed a massive Katrina related photo project. "We have known Melody for years, and have watched her growth as an artist. Her photos for the show are ethereal & seductive."

From the Mississippi Delta town of Stoneville, outgoing director of the Mississippi Art Colony, Jamie Tate will be presenting new abtract paintings. "Her paintings may be nonobjective, but her textures and forms definitely make you feel a connection to the land of the Delta."

Also from the Delta, (Cleveland, Mississippi) photographer Will Jacks is making his Attic debut with a stunning collection of mysterious sepia toned images. "In his own words these photos of New Orleans are 'mostly very abstract and surreal,' and 'in some way or another illustrate the human spirit.' Powerful..."

Byron Myrick from Moselle, Mississippi returns to the Attic with his signature clay sculptural vessels which are the result of careful construction, breaking, glazing and reassembly. "A metaphor for life?: rebirth as something new and better, definitely different."

Margaret Barber of Montgomery, Alabama will be showing for the fist time in the Attic. A member of the Mississippi Craftsman's Guild, she also works with clay, creating elegant teapots and other vessels. "Her clay work seems to dance - the pieces have a life of their own. Her marks and style transform these familiar forms."

The show opens on Friday, October 12 at 7 PM at the Attic Gallery in downtown Vicksburg. The work will hang for approximately one month.

The public is invited.

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