In the Kitchen theme show

Click to see larger image of Susie Ranager's Kitchen Confrontation
Click to see larger version of Paul Fayard's Leftovers
Click to see a larger version of Anthony DiFatta's painting...
Our annual theme show opens Friday, March 3.

This year the theme is In the Kitchen.

Participating artists include:

Kennith Humphrey
Elayne Goodman
Richard McKey
Amy Glisan
Pat Brown
Jimmy Pitts
Kathy Gergo
Janet Urrate
Matt Steadman
Suzanne Saunders
H. C. Porter
Susan Cox Davis
Bob Canizaro
Lois Simbach
Sandy Ford
Pete Halverson
Duncan Baird
Rick Anderson
Ceci Smith
Cetin Oguz
Butch Ruth
David Lambert
Vidal Blankenstein
Lynette Hanson
Patt Odom
Ron Koehler
Josh Hobbs
Kara Bingham Courtney
Wanda Warren
Janet Akers
Liz Patterson
Donna Martin
Lori Felix
Nancy Mitchell
Ellen Langford
Shirley Gray
Susie Ranager
Ellen Langford
Mara Hincher
Lee H. Abraham
David Jones
Denise Greenwood
Paul Fayard
Lesley Silver
Anthony DiFatta
Jean Blue
Martha Kostmayer
Rebekah Potter
Rob Cooper and Wendy Eddleman
Beth Batton
Andy Morang...

(Watch this space for more)

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