Country Roads Magazine's December issue has a story called Merry Kitschmas!
Wacky, weird and wonderful oddments
to put creativity—if not class—back into gift giving

Our own Elayne Goodman is featured and here is what they had to say about one of her pieces currently hanging in the Attic:

is for “Heartbreak Hotel,”

“Of all the things I ever expected to achieve in my life,” Goodman mused, “Being in Rolling Stone never occurred to me.”
For Goodman it’s not about the fame, it’s about the people. “Every Elvis person is a fun person,” said Goodman about the people she has met through her work. “It has won me many friends and acquaintances.” And many admirers, including actress Julia Roberts, who acquired one of Goodman’s pieces.

Also read Country Road's latest folk wisdom by the Attic's Lucile Hume.

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