Now, Lesley is in "Deep" (but not on the cover)

Attic Gallery owner, Lesley Silver is featured as "Soul Model" in the Sept/Oct issue of Deep Magazine (Southern Women, Real Life). The issue is designated as the "Beauty" issue and the table of contents declares that Lesley, "takes us inside outsider art to unearth a new standard of beauty."

The article outlines the beginnings of the Attic and how folk and outsider art came to play an important role in the flavor of the gallery.

Today, the Attic Gallery is widely credited with giving respect to Southern outsider artists. "We give people permission to like and to do art," explains Lesley. " We hang trained and untrained artists' work side by side."

The Attic is a place of refuge and comfort for locals and international art lovers alike. One can easily spend a day among its treasures and not see them all.

"You meet people from all walks of life in here. We give Vicksburg another dimension besides the antebellum homes. You can glimpse real Southern culture in the art of these real people. And often the subject material stimulates dialogue about issues like racism and rural poverty."

Images of three of Lesley's own pieces are included. Click for subscription information about deep magazine.

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