Roy Blount, Jr. wrote a beautiful valentine to the city of New Orleans. It was in USA Today earlier this week and you can read it here.

In the article Roy says,

"I wonder about Doctor Bob, the self-taught artist who cuts Catahoula hounds out of roofing tin and surrounds them with root-beer caps, in a ramshackle studio that sprawls along Chartres Street close to the block between cross-streets called Piety and Desire. Many a New Orleans bar and restaurant displays the signs he paints with the slogan, "Be Nice or Leave." Has Doctor Bob left?"

Dr. Bob is one of our artists from the Crescent City and we have been wondering about Bob and so many of our artists who are from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Many have lost their homes and possibly their jobs. We are going to be putting the spotlight on them and hoping people will support them directly by purchasing their art.

For these artists their art sales represents a sizeable percentage of their income, and being able to sell their work could make all the difference for them.

The following artists are all from the areas most affected by Hurricane Katrina. We have work by most of them in the Attic. We will be adding names and images as time permits.

Mandy Buchanan - Laurel
Patt Odom - Gulf Coast
Mary Hardy - Gulf Coast
Mary Anderson Pickard - Gulf Coast
Dina O'Sullivan - Gulf Coast
Matt Steadman - Gulf Coast
Susie Ranager - Gulf Coast
Shand Stamper - Gulf Coast
Jeanne Abraham - New Orleans
Toy Hementoler - New Orleans
Dr. Bob - New Orleans
Lorraine Gendron
Fred Haines - New Orleans
Hannah Cohen - New Orleans
Pat MacDonald Fowler - New Orleans
Kathy Gergo - New Orleans
Sharon Johnson - New Orleans
Suzanne Saunders - New Orleans
Eric Buchanan - New Orleans
David Rae Morris - New Orleans
Deanna Douglas - Hattiesburg
Janet Urrate - New Orleans

You can use the Amazon PayPage to make contributions of any amount to help these artists:

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