After the Storm: Artists for Artists' Sake (the Attic Gallery's 34th Birthday Show)

Swwet Emma by Lorraine Gendron of Hahnville, LA
An art show benefiting artists from the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina will open September 30 at Vicksburg's Attic Gallery.

Lesley Silver, owner of the Attic, explained that they had been planning their annual celebration of the anniversary of the gallery with a show featuring work by old and new artists, but events of the last few weeks seemed to demand something more. "This storm has blown away and damaged the homes of so many of the artists we represent, and it has blown those artists all over the country. The artists who were planning to participate in the opening want to help their fellow artists; so, they are designating some of their new work to be sold to go into a fund for them. And we thought we could also put the spotlight on existing work by those evacuees, because creating this art is their job, and if people will buy their art, it supports them directly."

"Katrina has caused so much damage and loss, it is too big for us to understand. The artists we know from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast all have individual stories that touch us deeply because they are our friends. We hope we can do something to sustain them and help them move forward."

The show now has four components:

The originally planned featured artists are:

Jean Blue - Paintings
Kennith Humphrey - Paintings
Lorraine Gendron - Paintings and constructions
Ellen Langford - Paintings
Susie Ranager - Paintings
Ky Johnston - Paintings and pottery

"Many regional artists are calling me and offering to donate some of their work to be sold for the benefit of those who have lost their homes and property. This storm has affected so many and people want to do something to help."

"We are tagging the work of artists from the affected areas to encourage people to support them in a direct way by buying their work. We haven't talked to everyone, but our artists who live in the affected areas and who we hope to help (if needed) include:

Mandy Buchanan - Laurel
Patt Odom - Gulf Coast
Mary Hardy - Gulf Coast
Mary Anderson Pickard - Gulf Coast
Dina O'Sullivan - Gulf Coast
Matt Steadman - Gulf Coast
Susie Ranager - Gulf Coast
Shand Stamper - Gulf Coast
Jeanne Abraham - New Orleans
Toy Hementoler - New Orleans
Dr. Bob - New Orleans
Lorraine Gendron
Hannah Cohen - New Orleans
Pat MacDonald Fowler - New Orleans
Kathy Gergo - New Orleans
Sharon Johnson - New Orleans
Suzanne Saunders - New Orleans
Eric Buchanan - New Orleans
David Rae Morris - New Orleans
Deanna Douglas - New Orleans
Janet Urrate - New Orleans

There may be more to add, and some of these may not need help, but we know they are from the hard-hit areas."

Donations may be made online to a special account to benefit the Attic Gallery's Katrina affected artists, through the Attic website:

The public is invited to the reception: Friday, September 30, 7 PM until 9 PM. The show will continue through October.

Use this Amazon Paypage to donate to a fund to help these Attic Gallery artists from the areas hit hard by Katrina:

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